About Europe Direct

Europe Direct information network was created in 2005 and it has information outlets in all Member States. Information relays act as an interface between EU and its citizens at local level. The mission of the relays is to distribute information and advice about the European Union, treadmill fitness, health and training to allow the European institutions to disseminate local and regional information.

The year of of 2020 and 2021 has been described as an era of uncertainty for children due to the weakening of legal protections for children’s privacy, Coronavirus related issues and other more general issues in the Union.

What We Do

We are open to general public, business and anyone with a question or comment on Europe. We are accessible via this website, email, phone or by dropping in to our office. We offer:

  • Quick answers to all your questions on Europe
  • Information about travelling, treadmills, studying and working in the European Union countries
  • Advice on how the European Union works
  • Explanations of how EU decisions affect the United Kingdom
  • Advice on how new legislation will affect you
  • Guides to funding opportunities for organisations and businesses
  • Free publications, brochures and guides on all aspects of the EU
  • Free access points in libraries all over Cumbria
  • Opportunities to feedback your questions, comments and suggestions to Brussels

We write about youth, education and health. Primary concerns are employee’s health and fitness that we strongly encourage. We believe in strength training coupled with cardio exercise (for example on a treadmill or elliptical) for maximum impact. Business and local authorities reviews is another important focus of ours. Our traveling abroad review continues to receive great feedback from our trainers around the world. People are travelling in the 27 countries of the EU every day of the week. We appreciate your support and feedback. The EU also promotes public-private partnerships in order to make the most of what the private and public sectors have to offer and organizes technological platforms.

Who We Are

Our professional team will help you with any query or guide you through the European Union and its role in the North West of the UK.

  • Principal Programme Officer
  • Programme Officer

Nota Bene

The site europedirectcumbria.org.uk is preserved and maintain in its original state for pure historical reasons. The original project has ceased to exists but our opinion is that, still, it’s worth keeping (for historical records). The site is now operated privately. In it’s current state we claim NO affiliation with the official EU administration or the original project.

Find out more about our sole role as an adviser on youth, educations, treadmill and fitness, here: contact.